Private Clients (PCC)

Key contacts: Henrietta Mason, John Wilson and Paola Fudakowska

This is your Digital Death: Rip or Staying Alive?

09.00 – 10.30

The session will deal with the much debated and current questions which arise in connection with accessing and safeguarding digital assets on death. It will address the legal considerations which arise in connection with issues such as ownership of digital assets, value, inheritance tax, access to the digital assets, password storage, and digital wills. The general reporter will commence with a summary of insights by members of the Private Clients Commission from a variety of jurisdictions. We will then proceed to panel and round table discussions during which the speakers will address the key issues in this area from the perspectives of their respective businesses, and in the case of external practitioners, their respective jurisdictions and experiences. To conclude, there will be a general Q&A session for all delegates.

Part 1: Summary of general report
Part 2: Panel discussion

  • Takamiki Nishikawa, Representative Director and Vice President of FOX Networks Group (Japan), FOX Networks Group, Japan
  • Naoya Bessyo, General Counsel, Yahoo Corporation Japan
  • Richard Wilson QC, Serle Court, United Kingdom
  • Mari Nakajima, Attorney, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd
  • John Wilson, John Wilson Partners, Sri Lanka  

Part 3: Q&A session