Litigation, International Arbitration, Commercial Fraud, International Business Law (IBLC)

Key contacts: Aurélie Conrad Hari, Eleni Polycarpou, Alexander Saucken, Damien Devot and Milena Prisco

The Rise of the Robots in Litigation/Arbitration: E-Discovery, Fraud Detection and AI Judges/Arbitrators

09.00 – 12.00

Industry providers, Transperfect provide a demonstration of the cutting edge technology available to contentious lawyers who can be applied to disclosure and the creative use of data-analytics. A panel discussion will debate on the pros and cons of using such techonology and address their impact on the contentious lawyer’s day to day work as well as on the business model of the firms. Two other industry led presentations will be made, one via skype in connection with the mediaset/google case with the input of Matteo Scapin (CMO of Kopjra s.r.l.) who will describe the different AI software used by them to support the law firms in the acquisition of forensic digital evidence. Finally, a third presentation will go one step further presenting a software on “predictive justice” according to which you may assess your chances of success prior to initiating any claim.

Part 1: Detecting a fraud – mediaset vs piracy 

  • Matteo Scapin, Chief Marketing Officer, Kopjra s.r.l., Italy
  • Milena Prisco and Stefano Previti, Studio Previti, Italy

Part 2: Leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage – case study

  • Al-Karim Makhani, Senior Case Consultant TLS, TransPerfect, UK
  • Peter Livingstone, President, Digital Reef, USA

Part 3: AI in the world of a litigator – Panel discussion on Part 2
Moderator: Aurélie Conrad Hari, Bär & Karrer Ltd, Switzerland

  • Christian Toms, Brown Rudnick LLP, UK
  • Al-Karim Makhani, TransPerfect, Legal Solutions, EMEA
  • Shin Tada, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners, Japan

Part 4: Predicting justice?

Introduction by Damien Devot, Meyer Fabre Avocats, France

  • Louis Larret Chahine, Co-Founder, Predictice, France

Part 5: Panel discussion on Part 4 
Moderator: Damien Devot, Meyer Fabre Avocats, France

  • Marine Simonnot, UGGC & Avocats, France
  • Richard Reeve Young, Penningtons Manches, UK
  • Giovanni Angles, Bryan Cave LLP, USA
  • Lidong Pan, Attorney at Law in China and New York, Adjunt Prof. of SYS U., Arbitrator, GZAC & HZAC, Legal Counsel of Consulate of ROK