Dear Friends, colleagues, international lawyers – young and old – all over the world.

It is my utmost pleasure to invite you to join me at the 55th International Young Lawyer’s Congress in Tokyo, Japan. Japan is the country of the rising sun – the country of tradition, history and beauty – but also a country which is always ahead when it comes to technology – it is a world leader in combining aesthetics and progress in technological advancements. Where better for young lawyers of the future to meet, discuss and celebrate the future of our legal profession, but Japan.

Being lawyers, we are traditionally accused of being conservative. But in Tokyo we aim to change this by devoting an entire scientific program to spanning all legal areas from human rights to banking law to the new challenges and possibilities in Artificial Intelligence.

I am personally very excited – and would encourage you to join us, to participate and to contribute. We represent the young professionals of our law business. We own the future and we shape it. So let’s make a difference – starting by embracing the technology that is already around us. While there, we will take the time to enjoy the traditional beauty of Tokyo and soak in the modern day life of that always-busy city.

We can do all this in the well-established setting of the famous AIJA atmosphere and spirit. The only truly global organization for young lawyers where the unique blend of professional networking is strengthened through friendships and social events.

AIJA members - seasoned and new – always welcome new participants to share the open and inviting experience that being part of an annual congress provides. I feel privileged to be the president of AIJA at this event.

For those of us from Europe, Japan represents an adventure and a visit to a new world. With that in mind we should also see this as the sunrise of a new and ever closer global legal profession of young lawyers embracing the modern wonders of technology and its impacts on our profession and the legal regimes we pride ourselves to serve and protect.


Nihon de oai shima syou/

David Frølich

President of AIJA 2016/2017